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Electronics Recycling Charleston SC

Electronics Recycling at Meridian Metals is one of our core services. We provide state-of-the-art recycling for end-of-life computer, IT, and telecommunication equipment. Meridian Metals Management strategically works with both commercial clients and individual consumers to assure maximum return for electronic end-of-life inventory. We offer pickup service of electronic materials throughout the Lowcountry and ensure that all personal data is kept secure until it is destroyed.

Environmental Safety

First and foremost, Meridian Metals assures complete protection of the public health and the environment by implementing comprehensive analyses by our trained staff scientist. Our objective is to remove any toxic substances such as Cadmium, Lead, Bismuth, Chrome, and Arsenic , among others. We are passionate about Electronics Scrap (E Scrap) recycling in the Lowcountry. Computers are one of the largest end-of-life material streams that challenges the Charleston area. The potential hazardous elements of these electronic materials could be damaging to our pristine waterways. Electronics recycling is a must for all IT, telecommunication, computer, and networking equipment.


As a licensed hazardous material handling company, Meridian Metals Management has trained staff to assure proper separation, shredding, and recycling of all components of E Scrap. We assure our customers that any harmful waste will be disposed of following all State and Federal Regulations. Once these electronics are determined to be safe to public health and the environment, a zero landfill objective is incorporated in the process. Meridian Metals shreds, sorts, and packages all commodities associated with these electronics so they can be used to deliver new products to the international marketplace. These items include plastics, glass, paper, precious metals, copper, aluminum, and steel. Preventing these items from entering our earth through landfill burial is demonstrating the ultimate stewardship to our environment. Meridian Metals Management is available for commercial accounts and individual consumers for computer and other electronics recycling. Please contact our office to come by our state-of–the art recycling center in North Charleston, SC for a full service evaluation of all your electronics recycling needs. Some examples of the end-of-life electronics include the following:

> All Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

> Mainframes

> Servers

> Computers

> Laptops

> Test Equipment

> Hard Drives

> Modems

> Routers

> Cell Phones

> Switches

> Telecommunication Wiring Systems

Please contact our office at 843-856-1045 to schedule a pickup.