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At Meridian Metals Management, We Understand Specialty Materials.

Specialty Materials are a part of leading aerospace and technology companies, including the U.S. Department of Defense. Meridian Metals Management has been entrusted with more than 24 million pounds of materials each year – because we deliver. Our sophisticated, tube-based analyzers use x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to ensure maximum return for clients. With advanced shredding and sorting equipment, we get to the core of any specialty materials, efficiently sorting and isolating base materials from higher-value alloys to precious metals.

What Are Considered Specialty Components?

We specialize in managing high-temperature and exotic alloys and recycling specialty components, such as: Precious Metals, Alloys, Electronic Waste, Printed Circuit Boards, Plugs & Connector Pins, Aerospace Stators, Fuel Nozzles, Tobi Ducts, Turbine Blade Coatings, Turbine Vane Coatings (Airfoils), and Fines & Sweeps.

What Are Specialty Materials?

To the right of this column is a list of some examples of our Specialty Materials, including Alloys (Nickel Base), Alloys (Cobalt Base). Single Crystal Alloys which contain Rhenium, and Precious Metals which include Gold, Silver, Irium, Padadium, Platinum, and Rhodium.

Alloys (Nickel Base)
Alloys (Nickel Base)
Inconel 600 Inconel 617 Inconel 625 Inconel 700 Inconel 718 Inconel 750 Hastelloys Haynes Rene N4 Rene 77 Rene 80 Rene 95 Rene 125 Udimet 500 Waspaloy B-1900 C-1023 Nimonics Nickel 200
Specialty Materials-Inconel Haynes-Rene N4-Rene Udimet 500-Wasaploy-B-1900-C-1900-Nimonics-Nickel 200

Alloys (Cobalt Base)
Alloys (Cobalt Base)
HS-1 HS-3 HS-6 HS-12 HS-19 HS-25 HS-188 Mar-302 Mar-509 WI-52
Alloys (Cobalt Base) HS-1-HS-3-HS-6 Alloys (Cobalt Base) HS-12-HS-19-HS-25 HS-188 Mar-302 Mar-509 -WI-52
Single Crystal Alloys (Rhenium Containing)
Single Crystal Alloys (Rhenium Containing)
PWA-1484 Rene N5 CMSX-4 CMSX-6 CMSX-8 CMSX-10 Rene 142
Single Crystal Alloys (Rhenium Containing) PWA-1484-Rene N5-CMSX-4 Single Crystal Alloys (Rhenium Containing) CMSX-6-CMSX-8 Single Crystal Alloys (Rhenium Containing) CMSX-10-Rene 142
Precious Metals
Precious Metals
Gold Silver Iridium Paladium Platinum Rhodium
Precius Metals-Gold-Silver Precius Metals-Iridium-Paladium Precius Metals-Platimum-Rhodium

For a list of our electronic materials please click here.

Over the last few years, finding and processing specialty materials has been one of our main goals. Our company tops the scale when it comes to sorting and isolating only the best from higher-value alloys and precious metals to bring in the best return for your investment.

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